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mirando bulto
mirando bulto
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Why we like public porn?

Sex is intimate, something shared between couples, indoors, most likely in the privacy of their own home. But everyone has always had that conversation with their significant other about going to pound town somewhere in their own town. And if you haven't you are just fuckin boring. Again, with all categories of porn, it's about excitement and thrill that is created in the viewers mind watching PornMaxim's original content. The idea of having sex in the changing room in the mall with techno beats bumping so loud that you end up realizing you're fucking your girl to the beat of the music. While you are sharing what usually is an intimate moment, people all around you are going about their normal days shopping with their friends, buying birthday presents. This whole time you and your partner are trying to bang as hard as you can while keeping quiet enough so no one hears you. Keeping quiet like not letting others around you hear your ball sack slap against her tuna flaps, and trying to keep you're laughter as quiet as you can because you can't believe you're actually doing this.

The final thrill comes when all is said and done and getting out of the changing room and walking out the store and everyone is looking at you, not because they knew what you were doing, but because you're both smiling ear to ear as you walk out the store. This is what makes public sex so attractive. But I'll be honest with you, fucking in a changing room is child's play. Have sex at a highway on the intersection of the two actual roads...

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