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Why we like mature porn?

What guy on earth doesn't daydream about having the ability to attract, seduce, defile, and please a woman old enough to be their mother, or let's say their friends' mother. As soon as young men are able to understand what the word MILF means, and know how to use their flesh conduit as means to fuck and spread there nut butter on any homosapiens, they have implanted a desire in their mind to fuck an older woman. Most likely they'll prefer to pump a woman who has children of her own, and they will never rid that desire until they either reach that summit, or when they reach that point in their life where they're married and get pissed at all the younger dudes constantly hitting on their wife having to watch her enjoy it and flirt back. They are moms for a reason. They have had sex before and a lot, so they know what they're doing. Best advice, brush up your arsenal of sexual maneuvers to handle not just idiot teen girlfriends or college whores and learn how to please a real woman.

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