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Why we like lesbian porn?

A woman kissing another woman is much acceptable nowadays than a man and a man kissing. It is quite possibly just two girls having a good time, or it's two women totally in love. Hell, either way, it's just plain beautiful. Why are lesbians always so happy all the time? It's because a woman is the only person who knows how to truly please another woman. The woman is like a schematic of many tiny places that make her twitch and breathe a little heavier. It's like playing the game, only when you hit the buzzer spots on a woman absolutely nothing happens, more time passes and she starts losing interest. When you find the little spot to carefully pull out the pleasure bone, the endorphins start running. A quiet girl who doesn't make a sound or twitch a muscle when she's with an unqualified man, will moan a steady cry for more when a woman stimulates the perfect combination of sexual and non sexual body parts. Her pussy will throb, ass muscles will flex with each jolt of arousal while breathing harder and closing her eyes tighter.

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