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Amateur wife
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Why we like amateur porn?

Amateur is totally the wrong word for this category. These are not amateurs, for the most part. Besides the video of the virgin girl getting her cherry popped and the guy lasting for "an in and an out", these artists are well experienced with no smoke or mirrors. There's no air brushed, toxic bleached assholes or unrealistic emotions like the ones pornstars have saying how big the guy's dick is, how good it feels, or how soon they'll cum. These are the ambitious and creative people right next door. Pornmaxim's amateur porn is like the video footage is amateur, the sex certainly is not.

When the doors close and the cameras turn on, these singles and couples touch the boundaries and dare to break them. They create videos using positions and techniques they've most likely seen pornstars use, creating a real and interestingly exotic video. A girl who knows she's hot, (and let's be honest most girls know this or not) will move and bend her body into the most erotic ways to make her man cum like a pressure hose. But in the back of her mind she knows you're watching and fantasizing about what it would be like if it was your dick she was rolling her hips on.

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